Performance and Tuning Guide

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Determining factors

Measurement and diagnosis tools

The tuning process

Server Tuning

The performance tuning wizard

General server tuning

Java virtual machine tuning

Listener tuning

Operating system settings

Factors that affect start-up and shutdown time

EAServer memory requirements

Component Tuning

Running the performance tuning wizard

Common component performance issues

Java component performance

EJB component performance

C++ component performance

PowerBuilder component performance

EJB CMP Tuning

Generated entity bean subclasses

Creating and tuning database tables

Automatic key generation settings

Concurrency control options

Connection cache settings

Entity instance and query caching

CMP runtime monitoring

Web Application Tuning

Using the performance tuning wizard

Tuning server and Web application settings

Tuning servlet and JSP settings and code

Understanding HTTP response caching options

Dynamic page caching

Using the servlet Java cache

Using partial page caching

Class CacheManager

Database Access Tuning

Component design and implementation

Server and component transaction settings

Connection cache settings

Cluster Tuning

When to use clusters

Cluster settings that affect performance

IIOP client settings that affect load balancing

Web application settings

Component settings

Message Service Tuning

Best practices for coding

Global message service settings

Queue and topic settings

Thread pools

Shared listeners

The key log table

Using the Performance Monitor

How it works

Configuring memory thresholds

Configuring response rate thresholds

Obtaining performance monitor statistics